Science and Research

QuoteOur success ultimately comes down to our people. Our scientists, technicians, and manufacturing employees are among the most innovative and skilled in the beverage industry.Quote


-Prem Virmani, SVP of Science and Research

Located in Columbus, Georgia and Dunkirk, New York, Cott’s Global Science and Research Centers feature scientists and technicians responsible for the development and analysis of every flavor and every beverage. With over 240 years of combined experience among nine senior scientists, from carbonated soft drinks to juices, the team has developed thousands of delicious beverage formulations for customer shelves across the world.


Our laboratories bring best in the industry private label beverages based upon three focuses:

  1. Product Development and Innovation
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Regulatory and Scientific Affairs


Product Development

Developing the right beverage for a customer may involve key elements such as customized taste for a specific market, or address a new trend in the market at a reasonable product price. Cott’s Product and Innovation team is passionate in meeting the expectations of our customers.


Quality Assurance

Cott’s reputation as being best in the industry for private label beverage manufacturing means exceeding superior standards every step of the way and selecting the finest ingredients for specialized beverages such as functional waters and juices, organics and kosher.


Processes and procedures for product quality and consistency are among the most stringent in the industry. Comprehensive concentrate manufacturing ensures a three-stage testing process:

  1. As ingredients are received, we inspect every ingredient for efficacy, origin and specifications
  2. As each flavor concentrate is produced, we ensure unquestionable and consistent quality
  3. Finally, our level 3 Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification in every facility ensures the best quality beverages


Regulatory and Scientific Affairs

With regulations that vary from country to country and between differing types of beverages, regulatory experts ensure partners’ beverages are 100% compliant.


Complete Beverage Expertise

A tremendous industry advantage Cott provides is extraordinary talent and the close collaborations within the teams. Such characteristics ensure an expedient launch through formulations, and exacting specifications for each product.